Technology Platforms

Adoptive cellular immunotherapy platform for solid tumors and infectious diseases: TCR-CAR-T (Tcar-T)

The TCR-CAR-T (Tcar-T) platform integrates the advantages of TCR-T and CAR-T. In the TCR-CAR (Tcar) design, the target (antigen) recognition part adopts TCR, while the activation region adopts a CAR’s. A as a result, a Tcar-T (1) achieves better cell activation than TCR-T, and (2) is bound to greatly broaden the spectrum of solid tumor targets, filling the defects of traditional antibodies (CAR- T) that cannot recognize intracellular targets.

In the molecular design of our novel, most advantageous and IP protected TCR-CAR(Tcar) of third generation (3rd gen Tcar), the antigen binding portion is the extracellular domains of a functional pair of TCR alpha and beta chains; one of the two alpha and beta chains is molecularly linked to signaling elements of CD28 and CD3zeta, the other chain to those of 4-1BB and CD3zeta. It is demonstrated that the 3rd gen Tcae-T is overall superior to all of native TCR-T, Tcar-T of 2nd gen, in in vitro assays and in vivo animal tumor models.