Other Hapten-Agarose

Similar to the Antibiotic-Agaroses described above, these Hapten-Agarose were prepared by conjugating targeted antibiotic onto 4% or 6% beaded agarose. The conjugation was achieved by covalently crosslinking the amine and/or carboxyl groups in the antibiotics depending individual antibiotics and functional groups on the pre-activated agaroses. These products are designed and produced specifically for their potential use for the binding of the targeted hapten-binding agents such as their binding proteins/receptors and specific antibodies for both laboratory and process scale applications.

The products are provided in a lyophilized powder form.

Cat #Product NameHaptenUnit*PriceDetailOrder
B-1101-1gMelamine-Agarose 4BMelamine1 g$275.00 View Order
B-1101-10gMelamine-Agarose 4BMelamine10 g$1975.00 View Order
B-1102-1gClenbuterol-Agarose 4BClenbuterol1 g$275.00 View Order
B-1102-10gClenbuterol-Agarose 4BClenbuterol10 g$1975.00 View Order