Other Hapten Protein Conjugates

Cat #Product NameAntibioticCarrierConjugation MethodUnit*PriceDetailOrder
I-3040Clenbuterol-BSA conjugateClenbuterolBSAEDC1 mg$135.00 View Order
I-3041Clenbuterol-KLH conjugateClenbuterolKLHEDC1 mg$135.00 View Order
I-3042Clenbuterol-OVA conjugateClenbuterolOVAEDC1 mg$135.00 ** Order
I-3049Ethyl glucuronide -BSA conjugateEthyl glucuronideBSAEDC1 mg$175.00 View Order
I-3050Ethyl glucuronide -KLH conjugateEthyl glucuronideKLHEDC1 mg$175.00 View Order
I-3051Ethyl glucuronide-OVA conjugateEthyl glucuronideOVAEDC1 mg $175.00 ** Order
I-3052Furosine-BSA conjugateFurosineBSAEDC1 mg$235.00 View Order
I-3053Furosine-KLH conjugateFurosineKLHEDC1 mg $235.00 View Order
I-3054Furosine-OVA conjugateFurosineOVAEDC1 mg$235.00 ** Order
I-3043Melamine-BSA conjugateMelamineBSAEDC1 mg$135.00 View Order
I-3044Melamine-KLH conjugateMelamineKLHEDC1 mg$135.00 View Order
I-3045Melamine-OVA conjugateMelamineOVAEDC1 mg$135.00 ** Order

* based on carrier protein

Note: Imgen Biosciences also provides services on customized immunogen preparations. For example, we conjugate peptides/antibiotics to BSA (for other carrier proteins) with different kinds of crosslinkers (e.g. SMCC and LC-biotin).