Recombinant Proteins

P-1003 Recombinant Penicillin Binding Protein 2 (PBP2)

The recombinant penicillin binding protein 2 (Rec. PBP 2) is a soluble form from Streptococcus pneumoniae R6 (a.a. 490750 of GenBank accession no: AAK99108.1). The Rec. PBP2 has a 6-his tag and a PreScission Protease cleavage sequence fused to its N- and C- termini, respectively, and is expressed and purified from bacteria. It has a m.w. of approximately 85 kDa.

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P-1003-0.1mgRec. Penicillin Binding Protein 2 (PBP 2) 0.1 mg$500.00 ** Order
P-1003-0.5mgRec. Penicillin Binding Protein 2 (PBP 2)0.5 mg$1500.00 ** Order

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