STGEN-020: SensiT Gentamicin Strip Test Kit

SensiTTM Gentamicin strip test kit (Cat # STGEN-020) is a lateral flow-based dipstick assay designed to rapidly detect the presence of gentamicin residues in raw, commingled milk samples. These tests require only two easy-to-use components: the lyophilized antibody-gold conjugates contained in microwells and the dipsticks. Results are easy to read on the dipstick and can be obtained in as little as 6 minutes.

Detection Sensitivity

The SensiTTM Gentamicin strip test kit is designed to detect gentamicin residues in raw commingled bovine milk at or below 30 ppb.

Components of SensiTTM Gentamicin strip test kit (Cat # STGEN-020)

Everything needed to perform 96 tests is provided in this kit:
  12 tubes, each containing 1 strip of 8 reagent microwells and 8 test strips (dipsticks);
  One 200 µl micropipette and 100 disposable tips;
  One Gentamicin positive and one gentamicin negative milk controls in lyophilized form (Cat# SD-0030 and       SD-0020);
  One User’s Manual.

Procedural outline

  Pipette 200 µl of milk sample into a reagent-containing microwell and mix to homogeneity;
  Incubate for 3 minutes at 40°C;
  Place a dipstick into the microwell;
  Incubate for another 3 minutes at 40°C;
  Inspect the color intensities of the lines on the strip;
  Interpret the test results.